— Kaputa District goes agog in Jubilee celebrations

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Hundreds of Kaputa residents
yesterday turned up to celebrate the country’s 50 years of
Independence also referred to as the Golden Jubilee celebrations.


And Kaputa Member of Parliament, Maxas Ng’onga who officiated at the
celebrations in Kaputa has called on Zambians to continue preserving
the peace and unity the country has enjoyed in the last 50 years.


Mr. Ng’onga says the peace and unity the country is enjoying was
gained at great cost through the sacrifice of freedom fighter adding
that it must be maintained at all cost.


He challenged Zambians to embrace the spirit of selflessness, and
sacrifice, the courage and patriotism that the freedom fighters


He said that it is only through sacrifice and unity of purpose that
the country will achieve greater progress going forward.


ZANIS reports that the MP said this when he officiated at the Golden Jubilee
celebrations held at the Kaputa Primary School Grounds yesterday.


The area Member of Parliament also used an opportunity to celebrate
the country’s independence to educate the public about the infamous
Ebola virus.


He said although Zambia has not recorded any case of the deadly virus,
it is incumbent upon everyone to take serious precautionary measures
to prevent the spread of the virus.


Mr. Ng’onga explained that government through the national Epidemic
Preparedness Team has also developed a strategic plan to curtail the
spread of Ebola and any other disease.


Meanwhile, Kaputa District Commissioner, Chrispine Kachusha has
bestowed jubilee medals on 19 police officers from Kaputa Police
Station for their selfless service to the district and the country.


Mr. Kachusha observed that Kaputa and Zambia in general has continued
to enjoy peace through the efforts of gallant men and women in


The District Commissioner also presented gifts to 11 freedom fighters
in Kaputa to appreciate their role in liberating the country from
colonial rule.


And Kaputa district independence organizing committee chairperson,
Isaac Mwambazi has paid glowing tribute to freedom fighters whose
efforts led to the attainment of the independence.
He notes that the freedom fighters also set a strong foundation for
the peace and unity the country has enjoyed in the last five decades.


He also challenged Zambia’s to remain united and endeavor to foster
national development saying this is the only challenge that this
generation has.