Zambia’s Final Draft constitution released

Simacheche ward wants the constitution
Simacheche ward wants the constitution

Government has finally released the long awaited final draft constitution.



The release of the all vital document is seen as a ‘jubilee gift’ to the Zambian people as the nation celebrates its 50th independence anniversary.



Acting Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula announced this in parliament saying the launch of the final draft constitution coincides with the country’s golden jubilee which falls on 24th October, 2014 (tomorrow).



He told the House that the road-map would be determined in Article 79 of the constitution of Zambia to stand the test of time.




Dr Simbyakula, who is nominated Member of Parliament (MP) and Home Affairs Minister, said the released draft constitution would now be subjected for public scrutiny and allow the Zambian people go through the document describing it as a milestone to the country’s constitution making process.




He is happy and assured the stakeholders that the constitution making process of the draft constitution has been without government interference.




The minister thanked the Zambian people for their contribution and maturity in the manner that facilitated the release of the draft constitution.




At 13:00 hours local time,  parliamentarians flocked to get a copy of the draft constitution as a confirmation to Dr. Simbyakula’s word.




Dr. Simbyakula said the rest of draft copies would be made available from alternative provincial and district administrations for the general public.



Opposition and ruling MPs were seen reading the draft copies though with mixed feelings.



Justice Minister Edgar Lungu had last week assured the grand coalition that government would release the draft constitution during the independence week.