— Use Jubilee celebrations for the country’s achievements – Church

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Three Church Mother Bodies says Jubilee year is time to celebrate the country’s achievements and build on them.




Three church mother bodies have paid sincere gratitude to the selfless founding fathers and mothers for their valuable contribution to what Zambia is today.




This is contained in a joint pastoral letter on the Jubilee celebrations issued by Zambia Episcopal Conference, Communications Officer Mwenya Mukuka.



The three church mother bodies are the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ), Evangelical fellowship (EFZ) and the Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC).



The letter stated that Zambia has many reasons to rejoice and celebrate in the context of our Golden Jubilee that the absence of war and extreme civil strife in our country has provided great opportunity for economic growth and social development.




It added that even in those trying moments of potential disintegration, the country has always emerged as a united society and forged forward as one nation.



The letter said they are praying that this resilience remains within Zambians and that all will work towards guarding the country’s peace jealously.




They thanked the also thank God that here in Zambia, the State and the Church have over the years partnered in the work of development and especially the provision of social services such as education, health and social welfare.




The letter further said despite some occasional differences in perception on issues of governance, there is need to be proud that every government has by and large allowed the Church to do its work of evangelisation.



They said although our politics are far from being mature, we still remain a relatively stable multiparty democracy. Since independence, we have had smooth and peaceful political transitions.



The letter said in a spirit of true solidarity and commitment to the love of neighbour, Zambia invested time and resources in supporting the liberation struggles in the region and the rest of Africa.



They said Zambia has also been a true home for many refugees and a place of solace as well as a safe haven for people fleeing from civil wars and conflicts in their troubled countries.