— Riots mar jubilee celebrations in Pemba district

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Riots mar jubilee celebrations in Pemba district

Pemba, October  24TH, 2014, ZANIS —-  The country’s 50th Independence anniversary celebrations were marred by rioting pupils at Jembo Secondary School in Pemba district , today.


Thirty eight (38) pupils from Jembo Secondary School in Pemba district have been detained at Pemba police station for riotous behavior.


ZANIS reports that Southern province police Commissioner Mary Chikwanda has confirmed the development in an interview in Pemba district, today.


And Pemba District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) Mary Sifuniso  who confirmed the incident to ZANIS  in a separate interview however said the situation had normalized by broadcast time.


Ms Sifuniso disclosed that the incident happened on Wednesday around after a power outage adding that the boys went into girls’ dormitories and broke windows and later burnt the grass fence at the Head teacher’s residence.


She said although the cause of the riot had not yet been established, it was allegedly caused by pupils from a named school wrote their exams at Jembo secondary after complaints that breakfast was served late.


Meanwhile, Ms Sifuniso has said Pemba examinations in the district are peaceful and incident free with no ‘leakages’ recorded so far.


She said from the monitoring visits her office had conducted during the grades seven(7) and twelve(12) exams, there had not been any single incident reported concerning examination malpractice.


Ms. Sifuniso  said her office only recorded two separate incidents of girls who had maternity issues that affected their exams.


She said in the first incident, a grade twelve (12) candidate at Jembo secondary school gave birth to twins in Monze Hospital in the middle of the examinations and missed a paper but that she was able to continue with her examinations a day after delivering the twins while her mother was taking care of the babies at the dormitory.


She said the second incident involved a grade seven (7) pupil of Chilundu primary school within Pemba who wrote her exams with a one month old baby.


“While she was writing, the baby was being taken care of by her friend,” she said.