— Govt. pledges to build on existing peace

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Vice President Guy Scott says Government is resolved to continue building on the peace that the founding fathers of the country fought for as the country celebrates 50 years of independence.



Dr Scott said government is eager to consolidate freedom fighters’ efforts to ensure the country continue on the path of peace, unity and stability that it has enjoyed since independence.



He said government’s focus is premised on promoting human development through the creation of decent jobs, provision of quality health care services, among others.


Dr. Scott said it is on this premise that the country has continued to promote with support from its bilateral donors.



ZANIS reports that the Vice President said this during the Golden Jubilee state banquet at Hotel Intercontinental in Lusaka last night.



He also noted with delight that the current spirit of investor confidence remains very positive on Zambia and urged envoys accredited to Zambia to make sure that they market the country for more investment to come.



The Vice President also thanked God for the favour shown to the country which has enabled it to sustain its peace, unity and stability since gaining independence 50 years ago.



He said the grace of God upon Zambia is that the country has managed to avoid breaking the peace even when other surrounding countries were experiencing civil strife.



First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda, Former Malawian President Bakili Muluzi, several foreign dignitaries, Cabinet and deputy Ministers, service chiefs, among other prominent personalities attended the state banquet.



And former South African President Thabo Mbeki said countries in the southern African region will forever be indebted to Zambia for the role the country played in ensuring that they got liberated from colonial rule.



Mr. Mbeki said Zambia was an important headquarters for the struggle for independence of the region.



Mr Mbeki thanked the Zambian people and government for everything they did at a great cost to ensure the rest of Southern Africa was liberated.