— President Sata , his predecessors praised

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President Sata, his predecessors praised


Mansa, October, 23, 2014
ZANIS ———— The clergy in Mansa has praised the country’s Presidents for role they have played in ensuring peace and unity in the country.


Mansa Pastors Fellowship Chairman Pastor Steven Bwalya says it is not easy to unite the country’s 72 tribes when in some countries with only two tribes have failed to unite.


Pastors Bwalya says jubilee is important time which everyone should celebrate adding that even in the bible records the importance of the jubilee.


ZANIS reports that Pastor Bwalya said this when the pastors fellowship donated assorted goods worth over 3000 kwacha to Mansa prisons as part of their golden jubilee celebration.


Pastors Bwalya says the Pastors Fellowship in Mansa appreciates what God has done for the country and called on Zambians to uphold the peace that the country has enjoyed since independence.


And Mansa Pastors Fellowship Vice Chairman Reverend Jelly Lombanya called on Zambians to play a part in upholding democracy in the country.


Reverend Lombanya says Zambia’s Democracy record has been instrumental in ensuring peace in the country.


He said this witnessed by the peaceful transition that all the presidents have gone through in country.


As Zambia celebrates its Golden Jubilee organizations in the country have been positioning themselves for celebrations with a number of activities including donations to the needy in society.