Mulope-Govt. urged to plan for next 50 years

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True Dreams Production has urged government to start planning on the well-being of the nation in the next 50 years as Zambians celebrates the golden jubilee.


True Dreams Production Managing Director Aaron Mulope said while Zambia commemorates her golden jubilee, emphasis should be directed to the coming 50 years.


Mr. Mulope said in Lusaka yesterday that government should seriously plan for the future of Zambia especially that the population will probably double or triple in the next 50 years.


He noted that currently, the nation was moving in the right track adding that there was still a lot more that can be done better.


And Mr. Mulope has stated that time for politicking is gone noting that now is the time to work hard towards success.


And Missionary Voice Worldwide chairman, Obed Mubanga, called on Zambians to meditate upon the words in the national anthem in order to remain united in the next 50 years.


Reverend Mubanga said Zambians should celebrate the golden jubilee to uphold the dreams and aspirations of people who fought for the liberation of the country from colonialists before 1964.