Health department in Luangwa distributes 16,400 mosquito nets

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—The Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health in Luangwa district has distributed 16, 400 mosquito nets to households in its effort to reduce malaria incidences in the area.

Luangwa District Health Inspector, Oscar Nzila, and Malaria Focal Point person, Siliuka Mbewe, said the Health Department in the area has
distributed 16, 400 mosquito nets to more than 700 households  in all parts of the district.

Mr Nzila and Mr Mbewe said the distribution of the mosquito nets was made possible by the Ministry of Health with other cooperating
partners with the view of reducing malaria incidences amongst the
people especially pregnant mothers and children.

They said the move was in an effort to reduce the high cases of malaria in the District which have been so high in the recent past.

The dual also said to supplement the mosquito nets the department will further embark on Indoor Residual Spraying.

They said the department was targeting to spray all households in the district and appealed to the community to cooperate with the staff
that will be going round to do the spraying.

Mr Mbewe said his office was already training the staff to carry out the spraying exercise and very soon before the onset of the rains they
will start the programme.

And District Commissioner, Eunie Mumba, commended the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health for the good initiative
of giving households mosquito nets and the spraying programme.

Mr Mumba said this initiative will go a long way in reducing malaria incidences in the district which is so prone to the disease.

He appealed to communities to use the mosquito nets for the intended purpose of protecting families from malaria as the disease
has a negative impact on the livelihood of the people.

The District Commissioner said his office will not condone anyone found using the mosquito nets for fishing or for any other programme
apart from malaria prevention.