Week 3 Nominations: Laveda & Nhlanhla Top The List

Big Brother Week 3 Nominations- Laveda & Nhlanhla Top The List
Big Brother Week 3 Nominations- Laveda & Nhlanhla Top The List

Big Brother wouldn’t even give the losing silver Team A, a chance to mourn their loss as he set nominations underway.

After the live show the housemates were a mixed bag of emotions when Big Brother called housemates into the diary room one by one for nominations. Housemates were, as always, instructed to give the names of the two housemates for possible eviction and provide valid reasons for each nomination.

Big Brother meant business when it came to nominations and for a valid reason he wanted housemates to go beyond finding a threat in someone. Several housemates struggled with this but Biggie set the record straight – in his eyes housemates posed equal competition to each other.

It appeared a trail was to follow first housemate in, Alusa’s nominations of Permithias and Nhlanhla as this was to be the choice for many more. While Alusa saw Nhlanhla as a strong contender because he was so congenial, others were less than impressed with what seemed to be an obsession with food. It turned out his food smuggling wasn’t as fun as he thought, in fact it ruffled the feathers of Arthur, Butterphly and Sipe.

He fell under M’am Bea’s nomination dagger for a different reason however, alongside her second choice Laveda, Nhlanhla felt he was the centre of the universe never taking the time get to know other’s other than Sheillah.

This was curious considering Nhlanhla was often mistaken somewhat of the life of the party in the house.

Permithias also lead in nominations. If it wasn’t the fact that he didn’t put enough into the extravaganza task and performance it was player-status with the women in the house. His jamming partner Kacey Moore even put him up citing a lack of sincerity which made it hard to get to know or trust him.

Permithias could later be seen flirting with Ellah, after having thrown her name into the nomination sack.

Laveda was on the tip of everyone’s lips as the resident nuisance. Many felt that she wore a million faces and was ruthless and inconsiderate last week when she was on a wild campaign rampage for votes. Arthur and Macky2 were particularly peeved at how she incessantly played her saxophone, even at bedtime, with little regard for anyone.

Sheillah put her up following a spat she had with her in which Laveda called her names in a fit of rage. She and others complained that Laveda took out her frustrations of on people with was inexcusable.

With JJ also not in the safest of positions, we have to wait and see which housemates will make the final list for possible eviction this week.

Nomination summary:
Alusa – Permithias and Nhlanhla
Arthur – Laveda and Nhlanhla
Butterphly – Nhlanhla and Laveda
Ellah – Laveda and Permithias
Frankie – Permithias and Nhlanhla
Goitse – Ellah and Alusa
Idris – Permithias and JJ
JJ – Laveda and M’am Bea
Kacey Moore – Laveda and Permithias
Laveda – M’am Bea and Nhlanhla
Luis – JJ and Laveda
Mr. 265 – Laveda and Permithias
Macky2 – Laveda and Ellah
M’am Bea – Nhlanhla and Laveda
Nhlanhla – Idris and Alusa
Permithias – Kacey Moore and Ellah
Samantha – Laveda and M’am Bea
Sheillah – Laveda and JJ
Sipe – Nhlanhla and Kacey Moore
Tayo – Alusa and JJ
Trezagah – Nhlanhla and Permithias

Total nominations:
Laveda – 11
Nhlanhla – 8 
Permithias – 7 
JJ – 4
Ellah – 3
Alusa – 3
M’am Bea – 3
Kacey Moore – 2
Idris – 1

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