Human Rights Commission launches website

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The Human Rights Commission (HRC) has launched a new website that will enable its visitors and clients to report matters related to corruption in an easier manner rather than physically visiting the commission’s offices.

The new website, which is, has been developed by Bongohive and it has links to social media networks such as facebook and twitter.

The website also contains information about the commission and its programmes.

Speaking during the launch in Lusaka last evening, Deputy Minister of Justice Keith Mukata urged the commission to embrace information communication technologies.

Mr. Mukata said internet and social media cannot be ignored due to its impact in sharing and receiving information.

He has since implored the Human Rights Commission to enhance its ability to reach a wider audience through the social media platform.

The Deputy Minister further said the commission will next year launch a toll free line to enhance its accessibility and visibility to the public.

And speaking earlier, Human Rights Commission Director Florence Chibwesha explained that the website was aimed at enhancing the dissemination of information and increasing the interaction between the commission and its clients and stakeholders in a seamless and secure way.

Ms. Chibwesha stated that using various features of the website, the commission will be able to interact with the complainants through the online system regarding their submitted complaints.

The new website also works as a crowd-mapping platform known as ‘Ushahidi’, a system that was used in Kenya to report electoral violence at the time there was media black-out in that country.

Ushahidi platform, which is being replicated in Zambia to report human rights violation, corruption and related cases, allows people to come together over the internet to create a digital map of occurrences taking place across a geographical location.


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