SOME opposition political parties have confirmed their participation in Jubilee celebrations slated for this Friday.
The parties that have decided put their political agenda aside to celebrate the achievement of the country’s attainment of 50 years of independence include the MMD, United National Independence Party (UNIP), the National Restoration Party (NAREP) and the National Revolution Party (NRP).
MMD National secretary Muhabi Lungu has advised politicians to put aside their political differences and join the rest of the people celebrating Zambia’s Golden Jubilee whose climax falls on Friday this week.
Mr Lungu said in an interview yesterday that MMD would celebrate in the Golden Jubilee because the event was nonpartisan.

He was, however, quick to mention that he would not comment on other political parties stance on the matter. He said each party should be left to decide on its own.
“As politicians we should  put aside political matter aside for once and participate in the Golden jubilee which should be by all means nonpartisan,”
Mr Lungu he said.

There was so much that Zambia had achieved in the last 50 years worth celebrating and so many mistakes that we need to correct in the next fifty years.
The party has since instructed its members countrywide to participate the golden jubilee cerebration on the achievements that the nation had made
He appealed to Patriotic Front (PF) members not to monopolise the Jubilee celebration by making it partisan but allow members from other parties take part in the festivities that would be taking part countrywide.
United Nations Independence Party (UNIP) president Tilyenji Kaunda also confirmed that his party would attend this year’s Golden Jubilee celebration.
Mr Kaunda said the Central Committee recently sat and approved the party’s participation in this year’s golden jubilees.

He echoed Mr Lungu’s sentiments that the celebrations were not a partisan event and people should not shun the event.
NAREP president Elias Chipimo said his party would attend the Golden Jubilee celebrations because the event was not just for the PF but for the nations at large.

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