— Ebola fears in Choma un-ascertained

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Ebola fears in Choma un-ascertained


Choma, October  21 st, 2014, ZANIS —   SOUTHERN Province Police Commissioner Mary Chikwanda says the Zimbabwean national truck driver China Maduma 59 who was recently found dead in his truck in Choma did not die of Ebola.


Ms Chikwanda said the post-term that was conducted at Choma general Hospital this morning revealed that the deceased died of heart attack.


Speaking in an interview with Journalist in Choma today Ms Chikwanda said the family of the deceased authorised the post-mortem whose results cleared the suspicions that he had died from Ebola.


“I wish to confirm that the Ebola suspicion has been cleared, because the post-mortem clearly revealed that Mr China Maduma died out of heart attack”, she said.


She said the relatives to the deceased have since taken the body to Zimbabwe for burial.


A Zimbabwean truck driver was last week found dead in his truck in Choma where he had packed to rest after a long drive from the democratic Republic of Congo.


His death raised fears among Choma residents after learning that rumours that it could be an Ebola case.