Big Brother – Lilian, Esther and Sabina Evicted

Lilian, Esther and Sabina Evicted
Lilian, Esther and Sabina Evicted
Lilian was the first to be given their marching orders and just a moment later Esther was second in the contemptible eviction cart. As the pair walked onto the stage to join IK, they were simply dripping Hotshot status.
This was much to Lilian’s fellow countryman Tayo’s shock as he called out to her saying “how could this be” to which Lilian responded it was okay. She most certainly didn’t look it. On stage she told IK she was shocked. For old time’s sake she treated the audience to a free style rap as she dropped a twerk or two.
Esther simply took the sash of her country’s flag and embarked on a walk of shame. On stage she told host IK that she and Lilian had developed a close friendship in the house because they are straight talkers.
Back in the house the mood sunk after the pair of Hotshots fell out of the game with Tayo shedding a tear on their behalf.
Then in a shocking turn of things, a third housemate had to be evicted. After initially being told she was safe, Kenya’s Sabina was also given the boot. Since there was a tie and it went down to the percentage vote. Sabina became the fifth female housemate to be evicted from Big Brother Hotshots. There were many tears, hugs, shocked faces and Samantha, in particular looked in disbelief.
As Elani music group performed their hit song “Zuzu”, Sabina made her way out of the house straight onto the live stage for her interview with IK. She said that she feels good that she is going to be able to go home and see her 7 month old baby, she is looking forward to getting back to her acting career and she hopes that she portrayed herself exactly as she is.
With 5 housemates now gone, 21 housemates remain in the battle for the USD300,000 Big Brother Hotshots grand prize.
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