3,222 opposition members defect to PF

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At least 3,222 members of the opposition political parties especially from the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) have defected to join the Patriotic Front (PF) in Mporokoso district.

Among those who have defected include local businessman Brian Mundubile who trailed second to Mporokoso Central Member of Parliament Neverly Wilombe in the 2011 tripartite elections.

In an interview with ZANIS after defecting  Mr. Mundubile said one of his key message during the 2011 campaigns was about development and that his major challenge was the Kasama/Mporokoso road and the Mporokoso township roads which the PF government is already working on hence the need to join the party.

In welcoming the defectors, PF Provincial Regional Secretary Everist Chela expressed gratitude that the party has grown in numbers and was also impressed with the turnout of people at the meeting held at Chalata grounds over the weekend.

He claimed that the big number of resignations from the MMD signifies its non-existence in Mporokoso district.

And MMD Provincial Chairman Steven Mukuka said party positions in the Northern Province were very intact in all the party structures adding that all those claiming to have defected from MMD are general members of the PF who the majority were villagers drawn from the nearby villages.

Mr. Mukuka also accused the PF to have slaughtered a cow for the people in Mporokoso to eat so that they are paraded to show artificial defections.