Scott denies govt is in a financial crisis

Zambian Vice President Dr Guy Scott is at the centre of an SNP controversy[IG]
Former Zambian Vice President Dr Guy Scott
Vice President Guy Scott has dismissed suggestion that the government is facing a financial crisis.

Responding to a question by Ikelengi Member of Parliament Elijah Muchima in Parliament today who wanted to find out how government will finish the ambitious road project it has embarked in view of the financial crisis it is and the directive to the Road Development Agency not to sign new contracts, Dr Scott said the financial crisis is not there.

Dr Scott says the suspension on the signing of new road contracts is simply a management and housekeeping arrangement.

He says government simply wants to sort out a few things which have come to its attention pertaining to irregularities.

Dr Scott says government is not stopping the development of the country by suspending the signing of new road contracts.

Meanwhile the Vice President says the issue of the creation of a national Airline is still in the pipeline and no decision has been made yet.

Dr Scott has told Parliament that there will not be a firm position until Cabinet has decided that it will go ahead on a particular basis or not.

( Friday 17th October 2014 )