Kaingu reprimanded

former MMD party vice-president for politics Michael Kaingu
Michael Kaingu

SPEAKER of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini on Tuesday night censured Mwandi member of Parliament (MMD) Michael Kaingu for using a metaphor that discriminated against women on grounds of being HIV positive while debating the 2015 national budget.
In making an allegory of the 2015 budget, Dr Kaingu said: “The 2015 budget is like a beautiful girl who is HIV positive or a smartly dressed young man who is a crook.”
The comment sent the house into roaring laughter, with shouts of “hear, hear”.
But the Speaker quickly interjected and said: “Honourable members, we are all aware of our public policy on health issues and even from a moral point of view, we know what we ought to say on HIV.”
Dr Matibini said the National Assembly has taken a position on HIV which is non-discriminatory and members are fully aware of that.
“As leaders, we should be the last ones to be seen to frown at those who have found themselves in the situation of being HIV positive,” the Speaker said
Dr Kaingu, who was the last member to debate the budget speech, withdrew his comment.
The Mwandi legislator praised Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda, describing him as a “nationalist”.
Earlier, several members debated the budget speech.
Luena MP Getrude Imenda (ADD) said the budget must translate into tangible results for the benefit of the poor.
Ms Imenda said the new tax measures in the 2015 budget will make the country richer as the measures are long overdue.
Lupososhi MP Bwalya Chungu (PF) said the budget is ambitious and appealed to members to support it.



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