Churches hail govt decentralization policy

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Churches hail govt decentralization policy

Luangwa, Oct 17, 2014, ZANIS…. Church organisations in Luangwa district have hailed government for giving a legal frame work to the formation of ward development committees (WDCs).

ZANIS reports that the churches say that this was a positive sign that that the decentralization policy was now on course.

Representative of the churches Derrick Kashinamilunda of Jesus Anointed Ministries and Reverend Davies Mavunga commended Government for the move saying this was a way forward in the implementation of the decentralization policy in the country.

Speaking at the orientation meeting on the formation of ward development committees in Luangwa district recently, the two clergymen said the church was happy with the PF government for showing  political will to implement the decentralization policy.

They said WDCs were a part of the decentralization policy and by giving them a legal frame work this will enable communities participate in national development.

Pastor Kashinamilunda said the ward development committees will be a direct link between the communities and government in promoting social economic development and enhance sustainable development.

And speaking at the same meeting Director for the Decentralization Secretariat Alfred Sakwiya said government was committed to enhancing development through the decentralization policy and that  giving a legal frame work to WDCs was one way of involving the people in national development.

Mr. Sakwiya said the objective of the decentralization policy stems from the need for the citizenry to exercise control over their local affairs and foster meaningful development which requires that some degree of authority is decentralized at provincial, district and sub-district levels.

He said in order to remove the absolute control by the Centre, government realizes that it is necessary to transfer the authority, functions and responsibilities with matching resources to lower levels.

Mr. Sakwiya said the formation of Ward Development Committees was critical to achieving  Government’s quest of empowering the people to be involved in social economic development of their areas.

Meanwhile, Luangwa District Council Secretary Given Muleya has also commended government for giving a legal frame work to the Ward Development Committees as this will enable people at grass roots to be involved in national development.

Mr. Muleya said the Council will soon embark on the formation of the ward development committees in the area.