Big Brother hotshots – Samantha & Idris Bond

Big Brother hotshots - Samantha & Idris Bond
Big Brother hotshots - Samantha & Idris Bond

So many would agree that Idris needed to get Goitse out of his mind and take a back seat from his relentless pursuit of her. In a nutshell, the guy could use an escape.

So he took trip over to Samantha’s side where he would chat and laugh his cares away. With cares of her own to dole out Samantha was a welcome distraction.


As they lay comfortably next to one another, Samantha expressed to him that she was less than impressed with JJ’s antics. For her it seemed a joke and harmless fun at first but then she had to wake up to the possibility that he may be using her as a pawn in a dirty game he was playing for attention.

This is curious because earlier on JJ was part of an impassioned conversation with Kacey Moore were pointed out that “the JJ on Big Brother is not the same as JJ any other day,” clearly posting that he was indeed playing the game.

Not to be out-smarted Samantha was onto him and told Idris that she’d called him out for a spiteful comment he made after she snubbed his advances, wanting to appear in a favourable light to viewers.


Her theory was that JJ wanted to raise his profile to viewers by being part of a relationship in the house, because those usually drew the most attention.

Quite clued up that Samantha. We just hoped her smarts rubbed off on the nerdy Idris.

When Alusa and Macky2 joined them Idris once again, expressed how was losing control of his relationship with Goitse. When Alusa advised


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