Lundazi DC calls for strengthened global hand-washing programme

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—Lundazi District Commissioner, Janet Palukani, has called for strengthening of the Global Hand-washing Programme if the fight against cholera, dysentery and other diarrheal diseases were to be achieved in public institutions.

Ms Palukani said the Zambian government has created an enabling environment through the Keep Zambia Clean Campaign and the National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project for everybody to contribute to the provision of effective hygiene education of which hand-washing with soap is critical.

ZANIS in Lundazi reports that this was in a speech read on her behalf by District Administrative Officer [DAO], Mukule Banda, during the 2014 Commemoration of the Global Hand-washing Day, whose theme was “CHOOSE HANDWASHING, CHOOSE HEALTH” held at Chiwe Primary School in Chief Kapichila’s area yesterday.

She lamented that the Global Hand-washing Day is part of the International Sanitation Week aimed at promoting improved sanitation, health and hygiene practices worldwide, especially after using a toilet, cleaning a baby as well as before handling and eating food to reduce risk of contracting diarrheal diseases.

The DC disclosed that the main objective of this year’s Global Hand-washing Day Celebrations were meant  to inform, educate school leadership, teachers, learners and the surrounding communities about the importance of good hygiene  and sanitation.

And  Ms Palukani has  commended School Promoting Learning Achievement Through Sanitation and Hygiene[SPLASH], an international [NGO]  for supplementary government’s efforts in its quest to improve and provide safe water, adequate sanitation and hygiene in public schools by constructing toilets, and  drilling boreholes to provide  clean and safe water supply.

Meanwhile, Lundazi District Education Board Secretary [DEBS], Habert Mwiinga, has since commended the community surrounding Chiwe Primary School for participating in toilet construction and borehole drilling

Mr Mwiinga has since advised the community to safeguard the two facilities jealously and use them appropriately.