Big Brother hotshots : Kacey Moore & His ‘Two Little Girls’

Big Brother hotshots : Kacey Moore & His 'Two Little Girls'
Big Brother hotshots : Kacey Moore & His 'Two Little Girls'

Kacey Moore is one of the gentlemen in the house, who often keeps to himself but at the same time, is not shy about sharing his talent and himself with other housemates. Today he laid back on the couch with Sabina and Ellah on each side of him, listening to them talk as they lay on his chest.

The daddy figure assured ‘his girls’ that he was “chilled” after they inquired after his quietly-beating heart. The two ladies started chatting with Ellah beginning by saying that she hated the picture that she had online. She showed daddy Kacey Moore her natural nails which he approved. Soon after, Ellah shared with the two Hotshots that she felt Uganda did not love her anymore because she showers naked, wears short clothes and generally speaks her mind.

Sheilla and Kacey Moore comforted the reigning Miss Uganda that she was loved by them and the rest of Uganda as well. After expressing worry over the possibility of her being kicked out of her country, Kacey Moore again assured her that no such thing would happen and the three had a brief laugh over the whole situation.

Soon the conversation moved on to the housemates as Sabina and Ellah began going through the list of guys that were available to get into relationships. Ellah reckoned that Nhlanhla would have been a perfect match for her because of his age and height, had he not been taken already. All of the other guys were ruled out and the girls agreed on daddy’s chest that Biggie should organise for single men to visit the house.

We wonder what the fans and people back home will think of Kacey Moore’s little session with the two ladies.

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