Ebola OUTBREAK : U.N. worker dies of Ebola in German hospital – usatoday

Chilling Photos From the Front Lines of the Ebola Outbreak
Chilling Photos From the Front Lines of the Ebola Outbreak

A United Nations employee receiving treatment in Germany for Ebola has died from the disease, a hospital in Leipzig said Tuesday.

The unnamed patient was being treated at St. Georg hospital, the Associated Press reported. The 53-year-old contracted the virus while working in Liberia.

The man died despite “intensive medical procedures,” the hospital said.


The patient was diagnosed with Ebola on Oct. 6 and arrived in Leipzig for treatment on Oct. 9. Germany has treated at least three people who have contracted the virus.

A Senegalese man was released from a Hamburg hospital on Oct. 3 and a Ugandan man is still being cared for at a clinic in Frankfurt.

The development comes as Britain’s Heathrow airport Tuesday started screening passengers arriving from West Africa for the disease.

Major airports in the U.S. have or will begin monitoring arriving passengers for Ebola.


Nina Pham, 26, a nurse in Dallas who caught Ebola from a man in the U.S. who died from the virus, received a blood transfusion from a physician who survived the disease. Pham’s condition is said to be stable

More than 4,000 people have been killed by Ebola, according to the World Health Organization, and the disease has so far shown few signs that it is being brought under control.

The WHO warned Tuesday that there could be up to 10,000 news cases of Ebola per week in the next two months, up from the 1,000 cases per week currently being seen.

SOURCE : http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2014/10/14/un-worker-ebola-germany-dies/17237281/