Dettol to teach 500,000 pupils hygiene steps

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Dettol has introduced a school hygiene programme which will see over 500,000 pupils learning good hygiene habits in the next few years.


The programme is structured to appeal to young pupils by teaching them six steps of hand washing in an engaging and informative way.


Dettol marketing manager Rakesh Kumar said this was aimed at reducing illnesses that are caused by poor hygiene.


Mr. Kumar said in a statement released to ZANIS that hygiene starts from the simple acts of hand washing.


He expressed sadness that thousands of children die out of illnesses that can be avoided through simple act of keeping hygienically clean.


Mr. Kumar said Dettol is supporting the Global handwashing day in Zambia by launching the Dettol school hygiene programme.


He said the programme is supported by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education.


The Global Handwashing day was initiated internationally with the objective of reducing the child mortality rates related respiratory and diarrhoeal diseases by introducing simple behavioural changes.