Big Brother Africa – You Win Some, You Lose Some

Big Brother Africa - You Win Some, You Lose Some
Big Brother Africa - You Win Some, You Lose Some

Last night, Zambian lass Resa was first to be evicted from the house. She was shortly followed by Mozambique’s Mira. Since this was the first eviction, it touched a nerve with some of the housemates.

This coupled with all the blood, sweat and tears that was put into the extravaganza performances meant that the housemates were a mixed bag of emotions.

This was the topic in Monday’s diary sessions.

Mira’s exit most affected Luis who confessed to just that in his session. The eviction left a bittersweet taste in his mouth because although he was glad to have made it from the evictions trough he was rocked by Mira ‘sexodus.’

“I feel like I lost a part of myself,” he lamented, because she was the housemate with whom he had formed a strong connection. But he chose to be motivated by it instead.

It was Sipe who felt Resa’s absence as the two had also formed a friendship in the first week, She was particularly unsettled after nominations because she wasn’t close to nor was she a part of new Head of House Samantha’s circle. She worried that this would be a factor in Samantha’s choice of “add”.

Samantha was chuffed to have won the Head of House title and grateful to be safe for another week. She launched into her duties with a strong arm taking the lead whenever necessary. When the time came for her to add someone’s name to the nominations list she put on her poker face and got down to business.

Ellah was her choice of “add” and we wonder what the reason behind it could be. Ellah couldn’t have even smelled her possible fate when she made a comment about how Samantha and housemates, in general, were always put in a tricky position with nominations. She also felt that Mira left too soon.

One of those that led last week’s nominations, Frankie, admitted he was petrified by the evictions and he felt a part of the game now. He applauded the “artists”, also known as the villagers, for winning the extravaganza task. He and Alusa felt that their own team of “intellectuals” – dreamers – let their egos get the best of them and as a result gave a substandard performance.

Sabina and Lilian, who were both nominated, were obviously disappointed. They both sent “shoutouts” and pleas to fans, friends and family to vote in order to keep them in the house.