Big Brother Africa – Task: Modern Dance Battle

Big Brother Africa - Task: Modern Dance Battle
Big Brother Africa - Task: Modern Dance Battle

Biggie handed the latest task to new head of house Samantha and it has already caused an upset. Confident as ever, the housemates were quick to decide that they would wager 100% on the task, ready to risk all for the second week running.

The upset occured when it was revealed that, as with the previous week’s task, they were to be split into two teams. This aspect of the task never sits well with the housemates and they immediately started arguing about it. For a group of people so confident in their own abilities, it was odd that the idea of two teams, which only ups the ante of the game, should always cause so much uproar.

For the task, the housemates have to choreograph and compile a modern dance show. During the week they will receive training from different instructors. Afterwards, they will have to apply what they learnt in order to go face to face in a modern dance battle. In addition to choreographing and compiling the dance-off, the housemates have to design the costumes and create a backdrop. Biggie is certainly not making it easy for the housemates.

With M’am Bea on hand, they are sure to dazzle with design, but will big egos create more conflict over control?  There are strong personalities in the house and JJ and Sabina have already fought like cat and dog, trying to make their ideas heard. What will happen if they land up in the same team again?

It has not been revealed how the housemates will be split, but if it is up to Samantha she will face a lot of pressure – especially after having seen how people treated Laveda when she had to pick teams. People were already starting to argue, contemplating who could dance, how people should be picked for the teams and, most of all, worrying about not being able to dance. It does not look like this task will go any smoother than before, but the housemates better deliver, because Africa is excited.


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