Big Brother Africa : Samantha Adds Ellah To Nomination List

Big Brother Africa - Samantha Adds Ellah To Nomination List
Big Brother Africa - Samantha Adds Ellah To Nomination List

The first set of nominations took place on Monday night and Samantha, as the Head of House, had to add a name to the list of nominated. What this meant was that this housemate would then go under the nomination dagger alongside the rest of the nominated batch, only he or she or the housemates would find out on the eviction show.

This week, to get the ball rolling the housemate with that misfortune was Ugandan beauty queen and siren Ellah.

When she had done the deed a frank Samantha remarked: “someone had to be added.” Well we couldn’t fault that impeccable logic but we wonder whether that was really indifference we saw in her face. What was the gal’s strategy?

She then went to a nominated Esther and casually assured her she was going anywhere any time soon.

Nhlanhla and Sheillah couldn’t hide their relief as they lay, limbs entwined as usual, on the couch. They both convinced one another that they while they were threats in the house they weren’t nominated because they got on with everyone.

For an added stroke of the old ego Sheillah told her beau that they wouldn’t dare vote him off because his smart and knows everything. They even consoled (or patronised?) a troubled Laveda telling her she shouldn’t be on the list.

This was curious to see considering the pair weren’t quite so accepting of her last week following her team selection last week.

 Here is the list of this week’s nominees:

1. Esther
2. Frankie
3. JJ
4. Laveda
5. Sabina
6. Tayo
7. Ellah
8. Permithias

With many now deploying their strategy rifles, it remained to be seen who would rule the battlefield of the Hotshots


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