Big Brother Africa – New Moves Fit For Battle

Big Brother Africa - New Moves Fit For Battle
Big Brother Africa - New Moves Fit For Battle

The aspiring Hotshots were lucky enough to receive a lesson in modern dance style and are to deploy their newly acquired moves in a choreographed piece for this week’s task presentation.

The housemates would have to split into two teams again, and hopefully this time around keep the bias selections, reminiscent of last week, out of it.

For this purpose, Biggie’s ninja entered the house in a mysterious, porcelain drama mask and a bag in hand. Inside the bag were 24 balls – 12 red and 12 blue. Assembled in single file the housemates had to pick a ball out of the bag, one at a time and move to either side of the living room. They had to do that until the blue team was on the one side and the red on the other.

While teams were to then get cracking on dance battle routine fit for the battle for the Hotshots to present on Wednesday evening, Arthur leads them in a word and memory game to get their creative juices flowing.

Permithias also took to his guitar naturally and laced his gentle vocals over an Afirikaans ditty, much to the delight of Samantha and JJ. 

When dance instructor Daniel Swanepoel and dancer Tulah Cruickshank from DS Dance walked in the house was transformed into a dance studio. They meant business as they taught the housemates how to pirouette, leap and scramble roll; moves which are a basic part of the contemporary dancing langauge. 

While Nhlanhla and Frankie were quick to pick up moves the girls were not to be intimidated. Ellah, Goitse and Esther lept and contorted their hips, legs and waists with conviction. 

The housemates were told modern dance is anchored by emotion and that it gave life and physical expression to it. So in devising thier dance pieces they ought to keep this in mind. 

As the housemates were coming to learn; attention to detail and effort went far in impressing Biggie and would be key in determining a wager win.

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