Over 9, 000 patients treated in Southern Medical Jubilee outreach

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Over 9, 000 people have received health care services through the medical jubilee mobile health outreaches conducted in the province since January 2014.


Southern Province Medical Officer Jelita Chiyonga said the province’s  set objectives of providing access for specialist treatment to people in the has been achieved with over 12 mobile health outreaches having been conducted in eight districts of the province.

Speaking during a media briefing in Choma today, Dr Chiyinga said a team of specialist doctors from Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces had been co-opted to provide specialized treatment and had so far conducted 537 major operations throughout the province.


“The mobile health outreaches conducted has improved access to cervical cancer screening services in the province with a total of 1,149 women and girls having been screened in the past six months,”she said.


Dr Chiyonga said the provincial medical office has received massive support from various chiefs in the province on the promotion of cervical cancer screening in rural areas.


“Chiefs Mapanza, Singani, Hamaundu and Chikanta were among the chiefs in the province sensitized on the importance of cervical cancer screening and have thus continued to encourage people in their chiefdoms to seek the service,”she said.


Dr Chiyonga said government will through the Ministry of Health continue to offer quality health care services to the people of southern province through mobile health outreaches being conducted in the province.


And speaking earlier Southern Province Medical Jubilee Committee Vice Chairperson Mzaza Nthele said the medical jubilee mobile health outreaches conducted in the province enhanced the provision of health services to people in areas which lack health facilities.


Dr Nthele said the mobile health team which is now conducting its outreach in Choma is scheduled to conduct over 34 major operations which in case had been referred to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH).


He however appealed to members of the public in the province to take advantage of the specialist doctors on the Mobile health team in Choma which was the last medical Jubilee outreach in the Province.