NGO sinks solar powered boreholes

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NGO sinks solar powered boreholes

Chibombo, October 13,  2014, ZANIS – Chibombo Fountain of Life in partnership with Franklin Wells for the World Foundation has sunk five solar powered boreholes at five primary schools in Chiefs Liteta and Chitanda’s chiefdoms in Chibombo district.

ZANIS reports that the boreholes which have been sunk and installed at a cost of about US$100, 000 have been donated to Namakolongo, Lunjofwa, Chititi, Nyundwe and Mwanje primary schools.

Each school has received one solar pumping borehole with two water taps that will also benefit the  surrounding community.

And speaking during the handover ceremony of the boreholes at Mwanje primary school, Ministry of Education Deputy Permanent Secretary Christine Mayondi thanked Fountain of Life and Franklin Wells for the World Foundation for the donation.

Ms Mayondi said the lives of children at the schools where the boreholes have been sunk will now take a different and positive turn as they will learn in a conducive environment with access to water.

She said the installation of boreholes will also help to improve school enrollment as benefiting schools will now be able to grow crops which will help them implement school health and feeding Programme.

Ms Mayondi  urged parents, pupils and community members to take care of the boreholes by ensuring that they are not vandalized or damaged.

Meanwhile, Fountain of Life Founder Princess Kasune said her organization believes that access to water was a right for the children and the communities in the country.

Princess Kasune said it was for this reason that her organization had continued to partner with government and other organisations in ensuring that school children and community members have access to clean water.

She urged benefiting schools and communities to take advantage of the availability of water from the boreholes to come up with gardens, orchards and to plant trees for social, economic and environmental benefits in the area.

And speaking on behalf of the head teachers from the benefiting schools, Chititi Primary School head, Nickson Sikuteka, said the installation of boreholes will help to revamp production units at the schools. Mr Sikuteka said the boreholes will also help to curtail water bone diseases at the schools and in the communities as there will be enough clean water.

He said the benefiting schools have since instituted security committees and have employed security guards to safeguard the water facilities.