Government to address water infrastructure deficit

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The Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development has identified water infrastructure deficit areas where it will construct 22 small and medium dams around the country.


Ministry of Mines Acting Director for Human Resource Administration Movens Nswana said the ministry was targeting drought places and areas that do not have clean drinking water.


Mr. Nswana told ZANIS in Lusaka today that US$50 million would be spent on addressing water infrastructure deficit in the country.


He said government, through water resource management authority, would enhance economic growth by constructing multi-purpose dams for farmers to generate water for irrigation.


Mr. Nswana stated that the project will help elevate people from poverty.


He said the US$50 million project, which aims at addressing water infrastructure deficit in the country, will also include the construction of 300 boreholes countrywide and the opening up of major canals.


Mr. Nswana has since urged the people in identified areas to welcome the project because it will help address sanitation problems and provide clean water for them.


He added that the project will commence in 2015.


Mr. Nswana said water officers will work closely with water support management to ensure that the project is a success.