Council Mayor urges development focus

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Luanshya Mayor Gordon Siwale has called for enhanced efforts between the Council and stakeholders to promote social-economic and cultural development in the city.

Councilor Siwale said it was time for Zambia to focus on a fresh start as the nation commemorates it’s Golden Jubilee celebrations.

ZANIS reports that the Luanshya Mayor was speaking at the weekend during the commemoration of the unionized workers stakeholders Jubilee party in Luanshya.

Councilor Siwale implored stakeholders to realign their thoughts from looking forward to what the local and central government was doing for the district but to focus on what they will do for the nation.

He called on all stakeholders to have a complete renewal of mindset by thinking and looking forward to what best they can do for Luanshya as a town and the nation as a whole.

Councilor Siwale noted that Golden Jubilee was the time when a nation and its citizens enter into a state of rest and renewal in all areas of life.

He advised that Golden Jubilee commemorations should not be seen as a government programme but  that it was an event for everyone  as the attaining of 50 years was biblical and should be celebrated as such by all Zambians.

He added that the Biblical teaching in the Book of Leviticus shows that God wants his people to observe the fiftieth anniversary with a year of complete rest, release, relief, remembrance, restoration, refreshing and renewal in all areas of personal and national lives.