Chief Mukumbi urges opposition parties not to shun golden Jubilee celebrations

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Senior Chief Mukumbi of Solwezi district has appealed to opposition political parties intending to shun the Golden Jubilee independence celebrations not to do so.

 He said instead of shunning the commemoration they should join the rest of the people of Zambia in remembering and honouring the departed gallant freedom fighters who made great sacrifices to redeem mother Zambia.

The Chief said this in an interview with ZANIS at his royal palace at the weekend.

He stressed that 50 years of independence is for all and not for one political party or individual hence the need to celebrate this very important occasion.

Senior Chief Mukumbi, who himself is one of the freedom fighters, said colonialists are gone and it is therefore, incumbent upon all Zambians to care for each other and remain united as members of one family.