My wife’s pregnancy is not mine, man tells court

Divorce Court

THERE was drama at the Matero Local Court when a man narrated how his wife returned from the village pregnant, yet as far as he was concerned, she was on contraceptives.
Isaac Mushai, 45, a brick-layer of Lusaka’s Lilanda Township was sued for divorce by Doreen Nauluta, 41, of George Township, after one year of separation.
Mushai told the court that he married Nauluta in 2003 adding that they have three children together but denied being the father to the fourth child.
The matter was before senior court magistrates Petronella Kalyelye and Lewis Mumba.
He said when he met Nauluta, she already had three children with different men adding that since their union the two have not enjoyed their marriage.
Mushai said there was a time Nauluta went to the village though it was against his advice adding that she even lied to her family in the village that Mushai had sent her packing.
“She went to Mbala, where her first husband lives, only  to return pregnant. She claimed the pregnancy was mine, which I dispute because as far as I know, she is on contraceptives,” he said.
Mushai told the court that Nauluta does not respect him yet he takes care of her three children.
“She has left home several times, taking with her household goods,” he said.
Mushai pleaded with the court to grant the divorce to enable him to live a peaceful life.
However, Nauluta told the court that Mushai accused her of having extra-marital affairs.
She said it was not right for Mushai to deny that he was the father to their fourth child.
The court ordered Mushai to pay Nauluta K7,000 as compensation for divorce and to pay K250 as child maintenance.


Zambia Daily Mail