KITWE RESIDENTS RUN AMOK, block Ndola-Kitwe Dual Carriage

CBU students hit the streets with riots and demonstrations
CBU students hit the streets with riots and demonstrations

ANGRY Kitwe residents yesterday blocked the Ndola-Kitwe Dual Carriage way protesting against continued shortage of water supply in some parts of the city.
Wusakile, Ndeke and Chamboli residents gathered at the area near the black mountain to protest against Nkana Water and Sewerage Company’s failure to provide water in their respective Townships.

The residents blocked the dual carriage with logs and rocks disrupting the flow of traffic into and from the central business district (CBD).
The residents from the three townships complained that they had not been having water for several days and that the water utility company was not paying attention to the water problem.

They also alleged that the water supply during normal days was rationed and that they only accessed it from 05:00 hours to 06:00 hours every day.
The situation was, however, brought under control after the police intervened when the angry residents attempted to extend their protest to the CBD.
Nkana Water and Sewerage Company acting spokesperson Mwangala Chiwala, when contacted for a comment, said the shortage of water was due to the damage on the pipe which supplies water to the areas.

She said the water pipe that passes across the dual carriage way was damaged by the contractor on Thursday last week during road works.
Ms Chiwala said the contractor was instructed to repair the water pipe but had not done so.
“The areas had no water since Thursday last week. Since the contractor is delaying to work on the damage, as a company, we have decided to move in and work on the damaged section,” she said.

Ms Chiwala, however, said it was the duty of the contractor that caused the damage during the road works to repair broken pipe.
She added that water supply in Chamboli and Ndeke townships would improve soon after the rehabilitation of the Nkana East treatment plant was completed.
She assured the affected customers of normal water supply as soon as the damaged pipe was repaired.


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  1. Even if elections where held today,they would still vote for the PF.So let them stop taking the law into their own hands,