Big Brother Africa Hotshots – Egos Clash

Big Brother Africa Hotshots - Egos Clash
Big Brother Africa Hotshots - Egos Clash

The show was about to start and yet the housemates could not settle down. Despite deciding that it would be in their best interest to take a break and rest their voices and bodies before the extravaganza the rehearsals continued.

Costumes were being prepped and props sought out in an excited swirl of colour and activity, and the butterflies increased ten-fold when Big Brother announced they only had 30 minutes left before they had to head to the stage.

To make matters worse, a fight broke out between Tayo and Nhlanhla like two schoolboys on a playground, letting loose with words, but luckily not fists. Egos clashed once more, as they argued about who would win the extravaganza, with Tayo stepping on toes by declaring that if the other team won, it would merely be a matter of sympathy.

They simmered down eventually, but the stage has been set. Whatever happens tonight we can only imagine that Nhlanhla and Tayo will have words after the show. Or will the loser merely cower away in embarrassment, while the other is swept up in the euphoria of a win?

The rest of the housemates could not be bothered, and chose not to get involved, focusing instead on make-up, hair and costume. Frankie looked particularly fine as Lilian applied bright red lipsticks and gave him a set of sparkly earrings, who giggled that she felt she “was damaging his face.” He got quite a kick out of seeing his reflection. And Africa is sure to get a few kicks of their own as they watch the housemates shine on stage once more.

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