Zambians have lost confidence in PF govt – NAREP

Jevan Kamanga
Jevan Kamanga
National Restoration party (NAREP) has charged that Zambians have lost confidence in the Patriotic Front’s education policy.

NAREP National Secretary Jervan Kamanga has told Qfm news that the ruling party has failed to assure the majority of the youth on the future of their education.

Reverend Kamanga says it is unfortunate that the youths are still facing serious challenges with regard to their education.

He states that government should show responsibility and ensure that education is put as top priority if Zambia is to have a young educated generation that will contribute positively to development of the country.

Reverend Kamanga has since appealed to government to come up with strategies that will improve the learning standards especially in higher learning institutions for the benefit of the nation.

But Education Minister John Phiri has maintained that government is keen to provide quality education to all Zambians regardless of their economic status.

Dr. Phiri says it is in this regard that his ministry takes every concern regarding education as a matter of emergency.


( Saturday 11th October 2014 )


  1. has 4 you ba NAREP we dnt even wish 2 have confidence in you maybe in the Next jubilee if people have lost confidence in pf how come there winning bye elections??? mind you people have been talking the same thing u are saying!!! the u talk about PF the popular the party is becoming