Lukulu DC calls stakeholders to participate in Golden Jubilee activities

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—–Lukulu District Commissioner, Precious Muyenga, has called on business houses, the general public and parastatals in the district to work together and participate actively in Golden jubilee anniversary activities.
Ms. Muyenga says the success of holding the Golden Jubilee celebrations depends on stakeholders working together.

She said it was encouraging that sub-committees have so far been formed to spearhead preparations in order to prepare for the country’s independence anniversary.

Speaking during the launch of 50 Years’ Golden Jubilee independence activities on Lukulu FM Community Radio Station last night, Ms Muyenga said it is important for people to celebrate the nation’s independence.

She pointed out the importance of celebrating independence, saying it is an opportunity for the country to reflect on its achievements and challenges.

Ms Muyenga mentioned some of the activities that have been lined up ahead of the independence anniversary as community general cleaning at the two markets in the district and the hospital surroundings, clinics, the Namayula Baroste Royal Establishment and at government offices among others.

The DC has since urged all people involved in these activities to participate positively adding that she will personally be involved in the programs at all levels.

She disclosed that independence celebrations have also been decentralized so that far areas have an opportunity to hold their own events.

This year’s independence is being commemorated under the theme: Commemorating God’s favour of Zambia’s 50 years of patriotism and prosperity.

As Zambia celebrates 50 years of independence, Lukulu district celebrates achievements such as the construction of the district hospital and the construction of a boarding school among others.

However, the bad road network will be among the challenges being faced by the people of Lukulu will be reflecting on.