Learning institutions urged to introduce indigenous games for students

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—Government has appealed to learning institutions to introduce indigenous games as part of recreation programs for students.


Minister of Tourism and Arts, Jean Kapata, says indigenous games play a valuable and significant role in the mental and social development of the society from childhood to adulthood.


Speaking at the Indigenous Games Festival in Lusaka today at ZAMSURE Sports Complex, Ms Kapata said the games also provide avenues for information sharing and knowledge preservation.


She noted that each indigenous game had a significant meaning and cited  Insolo which she said was used to teach children how to count, the importance  of knowledge acquisition and sharing for the benefit of the community.


She reiterated that one of the primary roles of the Ministry of Tourism and Arts is the preservation and promotion of various cultural practices in the country.


Ms Kapata added that it is also government’s intention to transform indigenous practices into viable tourism products capable of wealth and job creation.


Meanwhile, a Professor of African Languages at the Institute of Economic and Social Research of the University of Zambia has emphasised the importance of bringing the old activities back to life for the preservation of culture.


Prof Mubanga Kashoki urged the participants to learn from the various indigenous games that were exhibited and use the knowledge to come up with income generating projects.