Zambia to benefit from the US$354 million drainage funds

Four-year-old Munsanje pumps water. (Photo- ©2013 Laura Reinhardt:World Vision)
Four-year-old Munsanje pumps water. (Photo- ©2013 Laura Reinhardt:World Vision)

October 08, 2014, ZANIS…Government says the US$354 million Challenge Corporation Compact on Water and, Sanitation and Drainage is on course.

Permanent Secretariat in the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development Charity Mwansa says the compact which is expected to benefit more than one million people in Lusaka will see provision of clean water to thousands of low income households .


This has been disclosed by First Secretary for Press  in Washington DC Patricia Litiya in a Press statement released  to ZANIS in Lusaka today.

Ms Mwansa was speaking at a US Africa Infrastructure conference organized by the Corporate Council on Africa at Ronald Regan Building in Washington Dc today.

Ms Mwansa who spoke at the discussion on water supply, sanitation and drainage observed that the compact will provide for infrastructure strengthening of critical water supply structures and clearing of waste in major drainage lines such as their main drainage in Lusaka.


Ms Mwansa noted that there was also need for support in water management as this had impacted on the drainage system  in Lusaka  which  has become increasingly urbanized.

And  Ms Litiya said at the same meeting, Institute for public private partnerships Director David Baxter said there was need to provide for support in building human capacity to improve facilities.

Ms Litiya said Zambia was showcased as a success project at the public Private partnerships through the Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact.

Meanwhile, Ms Litiya said Ms Mwansa  has  encouraged the Zambian Embassy staff in Washington Dc  to attract investors in the energy sector .


Ms Litiya said the permanent secretary said this when she paied a courtesy call on Zambia’s  Ambassador to the United States Palan Mulonda who said Zambia has the potential to exploit its energy sector.

And Ambassador Mulonda said the embassy will continue marketing Zambia as a preferred investment destination in Sub – Saharan Africa.