Opposition hail Govt’s move on UNZA loans


OPPOSITION political parties have welcomed the Government’s decision to transform the University of Zambia (UNZA) bursary scheme into a loans board.
MMD deputy national secretary Chembe Nyangu said in an interview yesterday that giving loans to students would go a long way in promoting education in Zambia.
He said introduction of a loans scheme would ensure that more students have access to funds to enable them attain their desired education.

“The idea of a loans board is a very important new idea and needs to be supported as it will go a long way in improving education in Zambia,” Mr Nyangu said.
Mr Nyangu, however, called for the proper management of the loans board to be introduced to ensure that it saved the desired purpose.
He said it would be important for the Government to consider relaxing the conditions to be attached to the loan scheme to ensure many vulnerable people were given an opportunity to get education.
UPND secretary general Winston Chibwe said introduction of the loans board was long overdue.

He said the Government should not just turn the bursary into a loans scheme but also create an environment which would make it possible for the students to pay back the loans.
Mr Chibwe said the Government should increase employment in the country to assist students pay back loans after completion of studies at the university.
He said that without employment, it would be difficult to maintain the loans board as a revolving fund organisation because many students would not be able to pay back.
Education Minister John Phiri told Parliament last Friday that the Government was working out modalities to transform the bursary scheme into a loans board to ensure as many students as possible accessed education.

Times of Zambia