— Govt. impounds foreign truck with tonnes of Muputu timber tree

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Govt. impounds foreign truck with tonnes of Muputu timber tree

Isoka, October 9th, 2014, ZANIS ——  Government has hailed security wings in Isoka district for its tireless efforts in ensuring security in the district.

Isoka District Commissioner Joe Siwila says efforts by the security wing in the area especially in combating rising crime levels in the district should be commendable.


Major Siwila revealed that recently a combined team of security personal impounded a foreign truck registration number T932DTF loaded with Muputu timber suspected to have been stolen.

He said the truck was spotted loading timber in Chundaponde area in Mpika district earlier in the day and was only intercepted around 23: 00 hours by police in Isoka District.

Major Siwila said this in an interview in Isoka district today.


He said government wants to seal all loopholes that can allow the illegal trading in timber adding that few months ago the suspected illegal timber dealers harvesting large quantities of Muputu tree in his district.

Meanwhile the district commissioner has confirmed that police in Isoka are holding a foreigner Aged 32 of Meyer in Tanzania in connection to illegal transportation of Muputu tree.

He further revealed that many illegal dealers used Isoka district that include the illegal immigrants that were caught last week while using paths.

Major Siwila said isoka is geographically positioned were people enter Zambian via kanyala road from Malawi and from the porous Nakonde border post.

He said police has launched a manhunt of truck driver registration number T932DTF who ran away yesterday.