– Govt. calls for fair prices in Luangwa district

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Govt. calls for fair prices in Luangwa district

Luangwa, Oct., 9, 2014 , ZANIS  —-  Government has urged the Business community in Luangwa District to avoid exploiting the general public through exorbitant prices on goods and services they were offering in the area.


Luangwa District Commissioner Eunie Mumba says high price margins being charged by the business sector in the area were tantamount to be against government’s vision of helping the ordinary masses.


Mr. Mumba said government has created an enabling environment to trade openly in any business as long as it was in conformity with the Zambian laws and regulations.

He said the District appreciates anyone who comes to the area to offer a service that will benefit the community at large.


ZANIS reports that the DC made the call during a meeting called by the local business community yesterday in Luangwa District , yesterday.’

The meeting follows the Luangwa District Business Association (LDBA ) ‘s recent concern that pricing of goods and services by one of the named businesspersons who has just opened up a wholesale and retail shop was exploiting the general clientele in the area.

And Council Secretary, Given Muleya added that business is about competition and the local business community should be ready for this especially that the Luangwa D145 main is been tarred and it will attract a lot of investment.

Mr. Muleya at the same meeting told the business community to strategize their businesses as they will receive a lot of competition from other people who want to invest in the District because of the new infrastructural developments going on in the area.


Meanwhile, Jairos Banda commonly known as JB the businessman says he has decided to reduce the prices on his goods as the economically important D145 main road was now in good condition.


Mr. Banda said it was gratifying to note that transporters are not charging the way they used to when the road was in a deplorable state.


He said he had taken advantage of the good road network to reduce on his goods because the road was been tarred and is almost complete making transporters want to operate in the District.

The business community in the area has in the recent past been charging exorbitant prices on commodities such as mealie meal which they were selling at K85. 00 per Breakfast brand.