Pupils’ movies to air next month

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The first ever Zambian movie produced by pupils at Moomba secondary school in Chibombo district is set to premiere next month.

The movie entitled ‘School Days’ was filmed, produced and directed Joy Production Studios in conjunction with Shiloh Arts Training Institute of Lusaka.

The movie features pupils from Moomba Secondary School who underwent training in acting conducted by Shiloh Arts Training Institute in March this year.

School Days movie highlights the dangers that come with peer pressure amongst pupils in boarding schools where parents have little control over their children.

The movie features twins Maria and Martha Zulu whose cousin was introduced to prostitution by the school head girl and later died after an attempted illegal abortion for fear of being expelled once discovered by school authorities.

The movie climaxes when the bad boy called Duran, the house captain and the head girl crush outside the dormitory over the death of a girl who was impregnated by the former but influenced by her captains to abort in order to remain in school.

And Shiloh Arts Training Institute Director Evans Chisenga says his institute and Joy productions Studios in conjunction with Moomba Secondary School are set to premiere the movie in mid-November in order to raise funds for the construction of the school wall fence.

Mr. Chisenga said the objective of the movie was to serve as training for pupils who want to pursue art as a career and raise funds for the construction of a school wall fence.

He said the newly constructed school has no wall fence thereby making it not fully safe for pupils mostly those in boarding.

He said his institution will engage the Ministry of Education and the National Arts Council to ensure that they support the launch of the movie which has been produced to promote good behaviour amongst pupils is schools.

And Joy Production Studios Director Joseph Musonda commended government for creating an enabling environment for the arts industry to flourish in the country.

Mr. Musonda said government deserved commendation for the creation of the ministry in charge of art in Zambia and for introducing holograms to protect the rights of the audio-visual productions.

He said government has done well to fulfill their manifesto promises by promoting the arts industry which had remained untapped for many years.