Political parties urged to embrace jubilee celebrations

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Political parties urged to embrace jubilee celebrations

Katete, October 08, 2014,ZANIS——–Katete Patriotic Front Chairperson Joseph Mkukula has urged  on l political parties in the district to actively participate in this year’s Golden Jubilee of independence celebrations. 

Mr. Makukula said the celebrations of Golden Jubilee should be embraced by all Zambians as it is a milestone achievement for the country.

He noted that during the celebrations politicians should put aside their  affiliations and cherish the moment as one people of the great nation Zambia.

He said people should be happy and proud to be Zambian and celebrate the peace they have been living under.

The chairperson added that he would like to see a situation where politics are suspended during the Independence Day as a way of demonstrating the meaning of One Zambia One Nation and co-existence as a people.

Mr. Makukula advised that political parties should not politicize this day as time for politics will present itself later .

He has since called on all political parties, churches, non governmental organizations and private companies to join in and celebrate Zambia’s Golden Jubilee.

Meanwhile,  Katete Women’s Day Organizing standing Committee Chairperson Marsellla Phiri says women in thedDistrict were ready to showcase their achievements during this year’s Golden Jubilee Independence day celebrations.

Mrs. Phiri said a number of women groups, church groups and non governmental organizations dealing with women and children have expressed interest in taking part in the celebrations.

She said women from various sectors have been meeting to discuss ways through which they could  express how they have continued to benefit from Zambia’s independence.