Hon. Kalaba explains UN diplomatic embarrassment

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba
FOREIGN Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba
FOREIGN Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has blamed those responsible for allotting time to speak to Heads of State and Government at the United Nations for the mix up which resulted in Zambia being given two slots to address the recent UN General assembly in New York when the country had already made its presentation.


Responding to a question by Chavuma Member of Parliament Kenneth Konga who wanted to find why there was a diplomatic embarrassment when Zambia’s name was called upon for the President to address the assembly when he was not present, Mr Kalaba told Parliament this afternoon that the embarrassment was not on the part of Zambia but the organizers.

Mr Kalaba explained that Zambia had already made her representation to the UN General Assembly when the country’s name was called to address the assembly.

He states that when the organizers were making the other schedule, the Zambian delegation was already given another schedule.

Mr Kalaba says President Sata delegated him to make a presentation to the General Assembly on his behalf which he did.

Mr Kalaba has also defended the decision by President Michael Sata to delegate him stating that it is the Head of State’s prerogative.

And Mr Kalaba says it is not true that anyone in the Presidential delegation to New York called 911 for President Sata to be attended to.

He says the misinformation was not correct as nothing of such magnitude happened during the President’s stay in New York.