Pemba teachers advised to temporarily endure hardships

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–Government in Pemba District has implored on teachers facing challenges to endure their hardships for a little while as it had already started addressing all their challenges.


Addressing scores of teachers yesterday during the commemoration of World Teachers’ Day at Pemba Primary School, Pemba District Commissioner, Reginald Mugoba, told the teachers that their endurance of hardships especially those in hard to reach areas would soon be rewarded as government was implementing various projects in the new district in order to address their plight.


“I am aware of the challenges teachers are facing such as long distances to work and other services, lack of electricity and water facilities to mention but a few, but I want to assure that government is working round the clock to address the plight of teachers in the district, and I therefore urge you to be patient,” Mr Mugoba said.


Mr Mugoba disclosed that the Rural Roads Unit (RRU) had already started upgrading  rural roads leading to schools such as Munyona, Mayasanino, Habbanyuka, Hajamba  and Hamabbonka  in order to ease access for teachers.


He added that the rural electrification program, construction of communication towers in Chiefs Moyo and Hamaundu and construction of health facilities were among the ongoing projects aimed at improving access of teachers to amenities that their urban counterparts were enjoying.


And speaking at the same function, Pemba District Education Board Secretary (DEBS), Mary Sifuniso, said teachers needed encouragement and support from the community to feel that their devotion to students was appreciated.


Ms Sifuniso urged teachers to give hope to those children who need an encouraging word and empower them to achieve their full potential.


In a related development, Pemba Catholic Parish Priest, Fr Maanya Miyoba, has paid tribute to Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda for his effort in bringing unity through the then pattern of deploying   teachers to places they did not originate from as a way of uniting all tribes in the country.


Fr Miyoba said Dr Kaunda exhibited the spirit of ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ by spreading teachers across the country for them to unite with other tribes, a spirit which has strengthened love and peace among Zambians since independence.


He said this during a weekday mass at Pemba Catholic Church in his goodwill message for teachers who were commemorating their day.


In a homily entitled ‘Who is my neighbour’,   Fr Miyoba stated that Dr Kaunda taught people to live as neighbours and good Samaritans for one another.


He said as Zambia celebrates its Golden Jubilee, it was necessary to remember and honour people who contributed not only to the struggle towards independence but their contribution towards the stability and peace Zambians have enjoyed over the years.


He hoped the same spirit of love, peace and unity would continue.


He emphasised the need for service and compassion to those who are in need as a sign of love, peace and brotherhood as Zambia commemorates its Jubilee Independence.


Teachers across the country joined the rest of the world in commemorating ‘Teachers’ Day’ and this year’s theme was ‘Unite for quality, education for a better tomorrow’.