Cyber crime worries Zambian police


By Michael Malakata

The Zambia police cyber unit detective inspector, Edna Yata, said that in addition to inadequate equipment to fight cyber crime, most Zambians are not reporting incidents to the law enforcement agencies either.

Zambia’s banking sector has been particularly hard hit by cyber crime in the midst of reports detailing the theft of millions of dollars of customers’ money from banks and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

But Yata said that the cyber unit under the Zambian police is now equipping itself with more electronic devices to deal with such cases in the country.

“Police have now bought electronic devices that would help them deal with cybercrime cases in the country,” Yata said.

Zambia’s police; though, blame the rising cases of cyber crime on foreigners who they accuse of being behind the theft of customers money from banks and the training of Zambians on cybercrime.

Two weeks ago, a Namibian national was arrested by law enforcement officers in Zambia after he was found with more than 24 ATM cards belonging to various banks.

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  1. with the rate at which cyber crimes are escalating in Zambia,the police force really needs to act upon curbing it because these fraudsters and criminals are fully aware that they can easily scam and defraud innocent Zambian people and get away with it.