— Tradition Ceremonies a preserve of culture – President Sata

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Tradition Ceremonies a preserve of culture – President Sata

Samfya, October 5th, 2014, ZANIS ————— Republican President Michael Sata says traditional ceremonies are a good preserve for
Zambia’s culture.

President Sata says it is for this reason that as custodians of traditions, chiefs should ensure that lives of their  subjects were improved.

Mr Sata says government is on its part  trying hard to improve the lives of the people adding that to archive this government will ensure that there
is good planning and proper management of resources.

ZANIS Reports that the Republican President said this in a speech read for him by Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Professor Nkandu
Luo yesterday at this year’s Kwanga Traditional Ceremony of the Ngumbo people of Samfya District.


He said government has embarked various development projects throughout the country and called on chiefs to partner with government
saying chiefs were  partners in development.


The president observed that under the agriculture sector Samfya district has benefited in the maize marketing as the district has
been given 147 depots throughout the district.


He disclosed that in the 2014 to 2015 farming season Samfya District has already received about 7000 bags of fertilizer.


The President  also disclosed that  plans are underway to introduce Cage Fish farming and that a research is underway to see how
best to practice Cage Fish farming.


The president said in the health sector Samfya District is expected to receive eight of the 65 health post given to the province.


He added that government attaches importance to chiefs saying this is why government wants to build and rehabilitate chiefs palaces of which
three have been identified in the province.


And Senior Chief Mwewa of Ngumbo people Samfya District has praised government for the many infrastructure development that it is putting
up throughout the country.


Speaking through  his interpreter Eustus Bobo, who is also the Kwanga Traditional Ceremony Organizing Committee Chairperson,  the chief appealed to government to bring the development in Ngombo.


He said  saying his chiefdom has not received a fair share of the development that is taking place in the country.


The chief has since appealed to the republican president Michael Sata to consider creating a district in his Lubwe.


Kwanga Traditional Ceremony is an annual traditional ceremony that is cerebrated to mark the victory over an enemy called Kabaya who
terrorized the people in the area.