PF’s position on Masumba lacks sincerity -Tayala

Mufumbwe Member of Parliament Stephen Masumba
Mufumbwe Member of Parliament Stephen Masumba
The Zambian Voice says the position that the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has taken on the issue of its Mufumbwe Member of Parliament Steven Masumba is irresponsible and lack sincerity.

Executive Director Chilufya Tayali says it is clear that Mr. Masumba has been convicted and therefore the ruling party should have political morality on the matter to think of the people of Mufumbwe who are currently not being represented.

Mr. Tayali has told Qfm News that it is bad governance and unfair for people of a rural constituency such as Mufumbwe to remain without representation of a Member of Parliament.

He says people of Mufumbwe need development and should have someone to intervene on their behalf in Parliament.

Mr. Tayali notes that this is why his organization finds it unjust for the ruling party to hold the people of Mufumbwe to ransom until Masumba sorts out his personal issues.

He says the ruling party should thus quickly convene and make a resolution as it also has to look at the morality that still remains if an individual is convicted such a crime for which Mr. Masumba is serving a prison sentence for.

The Zambian Voice Executive Director adds that fact that an individual who has been convict of such crime can contest to the position Member of Parliament, his organization is of the thought that the same law should be followed to render Mr. Masumba disqualified to hold his Parliamentary position.

He says otherwise the country will end up allowing criminals to be representing the people.


( Sunday 05th October 2014 )


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