Man threatens to harm wife’s genitals over affair

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

THE Kanyama local court heard how a man threatened to rip his wife’s private parts apart with a ball pen because he suspected she was having sex with other men.
This was heard before Justices David Phiri, Moses Phiri, and Mukuka Ng’andwe in  a case where Justin Mulenga, 34, of old Kanyama dragged his wife Sharon Mwansa, 28, also of old Kanyama to court for divorce.
Mulenga, who said the two were married in 2006 and have three children, also said when he was resting in the living room, he saw a phone number on the ceiling board.
“I wondered how it got there and asked my wife if she knew something about it. She denied and I took down the number and called it,” he said.
He said it was for a man and that when he (Mulenga) asked his wife if she knew him, she said he was her sisters’ friend.
But to his surprise, Mwansa’s sister said she did not know the man.
Infuriated, Mulenga asked Mwansa again about the man and this time she said she knew him.
He said on another day, he left Mwansa cooking but the food was burning when she should have been there.
“She rang me later and said she was with her sister but when I rang her sister, she denied it. I was forced to beat her when she came home,” he said.
He also said Mwansa’s behaviuor drove him to sue for divorce although he still loved her.
And in her statement, Mwansa told the court Mulenga calls her a prostitute.
She said the day Mulenga claimed she had disappeared and left the food burning, she was at her sister’s house getting medicine.
Mwansa said he didn’t believe her and threatened to rip apart her private parts with a ball pen.
The matter was adjourned to October 8, 2014 for families to come together to help the couple resolve their marital disputes.


Zambia Daily Mail


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