Lusaka woman seeks divorce after husband’s one-year absense

Divorce Court

THE Chelstone local court heard of how a marriage of eight months broke down because the man went away for business for almost a year.
This is in a case in which Mutinta Singandu, 20, sued Simon Phiri, 30, for divorce.
Appearing before senior court magistrate Bertha Zulu, Singandu of Chainda Township told the court that Phiri of Chaisa Township had her and the child for a year.
“Phiri took me to my home village in Monze when the time to give birth was near. He told me I would be lucky if he returns for me. When I was in Monze he never bothered to check on me even after I gave birth,” she said.
Singandu said she returned to Lusaka on her own and started looking for Phiri. “When I approached Phiri’s elder brother who lives in Mtendere, he told me that Phiri had reconciled with his first wife.”

She said that was how she decided to sue Phiri for divorce because she did not want to be in a polygamous marriage.
Phiri told the court that he was still in love with Singandu and did not want a divorce.
When asked by the court to explain how he married Singandu, Phiri said he impregnated her and was charged K2, 000 for damage but only paid K300 commitment fee.
He said he stayed away from Singandu because he went for business in Chinsali. “If I did not love Singandu I would not have come back to look for her. It is surprisingly that she has hardened her heart.”
Singandu said she was no longer interested in the marriage stating that all she wants is a divorce.  She also requested for her two sets of pots and a set of food warmers she left at his house.
Passing Judgement, Magistrate Zulu dismissed the claim noting that no bride price was paid. Zulu however advised Siteta to sue Phiri for child maintenance.


Zambia Daily Mail